The right information at your fingertips

Documents & Ressources

The right information at your fingertips

In our industry, it is essential to properly fill out and submit certain required documents. You will find here documents you will likely need. Make sure you submit them on time. This key step can save you time and money down the line. Feel free to call your representative for help or information.

  • Account Application Form

    To open an account at Lalonde Logistics, this document must be filled out :

    Credit application

  • Power Of Attorney

    To give Lalonde Logistics a Power of Attorney, this is the form you will need to fill out. It respects all current norms regarding powers of attorney. You must fill it out properly and in its entirety. This document is provide by Lalonde Logistics :

    Power of Attorney form

  • Bill of Lading

    This form must be filled out for every shipment taken in charge by Lalonde Logistics Here is the document you must fill out:

    Bill of Lading

  • Canada Customs Invoice

    A declaration form provided by the Canada Border Services Agency must be filled out for any importation activity into Canada. Here is the most up-to-date version of the form:

    Canada customs invoices

  • Certificate of Origin

    In accordance with the North American Free Trade Agreement, a Certificate of origin must be produced for every product imported into North America. Here is the form you need to fill out:

    North American Free Trade Agreement :

    Certificate of Origin